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Booting through PXE - saq__d__aus - 07-16-2010

Hi, I currently trying to boot stresslinux 0.3.1 through Pxe and facing a strange issue....

If I use the syntaxe described in the file /boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg for the APPEND param in my Pxe server, I got Kernel Panic.....

Does any body hvae already solve this issue? When a new Pxe version of StressLinux will be release?

NB: the forum seem to be buggy... It wanna access to h ttp ://comunity/... instead of h tt p://www.stresslinux. org/community/.... to post responce, change URL by yourself!

RE: Booting through PXE - stresslinux - 07-17-2010

Version 0.3.1 is outdated and not supported any more.
A new PXE version is planned, but this depends on susestudio, which doesn't support PXE for now. I asked for it, its planned an will be available in the next weeks/months. So we all have to wait.

I can't see any problems with the forum, can you tell where it tries to access ? This url never existed.

RE: Booting through PXE - saq__d__aus - 07-18-2010

Hi very cool, I'm glade to see that PXE stresslinux is still alive! Smile