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New version? - stack - 04-21-2008

A couple of years ago I worked in a Tech shop where my manager was a big fan of using Stress Linux to ensure that the systems were working well. I am pretty certain we were using 0.3.1rc1 and that it was the latest version at the time. That version also fits with the time frame I worked that job. I left before the new version was released.

I am, once again, needing to stress test a system so I came hunting for the tools I once used. I was a bit disappointed to see that the change log ( still reads 31.05.2006. Is this project still active? I see people on the forums so I know that it is being used and the versions listed on the Software page ( are not far off of the most current versions. Maybe I am looking at the wrong page to get the current versions?

Please don't take offense at this because I am not trying to be rude. I hope that the project is still active but such an old change log has me a bit worried.