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Download problem - brcarter52 - 05-19-2014

Hi all,

Have been trying to download an image this morning and it keeps on timing out on me. Any help would be great.


RE: Download problem - stresslinux - 05-21-2014

We had a bigger server outtage, which is fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience this may've caused.

RE: Download problem - brcarter52 - 05-21-2014

thank you, was just able to pull down the iso I needed! Thank you

RE: Download problem - rose61 - 03-18-2015

Hey everyone. I am pxebooting stresslinux from isc-dhcpd. I get the boot menu and select stresslinux as the boot option, and stresslinux boots. It then fails at this screen every time:
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RE: Download problem - Davidsmith150 - 11-03-2016

iso file is corrupted.


RE: Download problem - Daisy22 - 01-05-2017

Yes! its not working.

RE: Download problem - Ceryssummers00 - 07-26-2017

I also tried to download that image but I also get failed because of their credentials. First, you have to log then it will review your submission after your you approval it maybe gives you the authority to download that image.

RE: Download problem - jenniferjudy225 - 08-07-2017

clear out all of your cache. it happened to my niece's tablet. if you have any questions, you tube has some great quick tutorials that walk you through 3 different solutions you can try.

RE: Download problem - Shanebond - 10-23-2017

I also tried to download the images but failed to do so. Even download manager also fail to download this. Can anyone have a solution for this?

RE: Download problem - aida3 - 11-02-2017

Hello, i am new user what you shared ??