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NTFS support? - cburkitt - 01-10-2014

There appears to be no support in the mount command for NTFS filesystems. Is this intentional?

RE: NTFS support? - stresslinux - 01-11-2014

I added ntfsprogs & ntfs-3g packages to the base distribution, you can try out 12.3 & 13.1 releases from

RE: NTFS support? - AMurrayNash - 03-04-2015

he USB .raw file unzips to 1,143,996,416 bytes which is just too large to fit onto my 1Gb USB drive.
Given that the .iso image is barely a quarter of that size, it would seem likely that it doesn't actually need to be so large.
Is there any way of shrinking the .raw file so that I can fit it onto my USB drive? (Or even a 512Mb drive for that matter)