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problem loading .iso via grub - justincase - 09-26-2013

I have built an "emergency" usb thumdrive that holds various tools (as .iso) + hiren's boot cd booting via grub.

problem: when integrating stresslinux iso, it starts booting fine but during "Loading KIWI CD Boot System ..." it "failed to detect CD/DVD or USB drive" slepps for 120sec and goes into reboot.

Is it this check essential or could it be avoided for making my scenario working? Having a big thumbdrive and various "rescue .iso's" is so nice a solution for everyday IT work, I think it would be worth the effort...


RE: problem loading .iso via grub - lindylex - 11-13-2016

Justinecase, any luck yet?

I got a little close with Grub2. I uncompressed the contents of the iso. It boots up to a blank aka black screen. This is useless but a little close. I got a hint from this project.

menuentry 'Stresslinux_32bit_11.4.i686-0.7.106 XXX' {
linux /boot/stress/boot/i386/loader/linux livecd_config=/boot/stress/config.isoclient ramdisk_size=512000 ramdisk_blocksize=4096 splash=silent showopts
initrd /boot/stress/boot/i386/loader/initrd