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Dell mainboard - sugarzombie - 12-07-2006

I'm not sure what mainboard to select for the sl-wizard. I have a [b]Dell Latitude C610[/b] notebook computer and a [i]second [/i]computer with a "[b]VIA VT8366+ VIA VT8233[/b]" motherboard. These ASUS and Tyan boards are unfamiliar to me (of course, I don't work with motherboards much).

I ran lshw on the notebook, thinking it may give me something I could use. Here's the snippet that I think is relevant to my mainboard (although I doubt it's really that helpful):
description: Motherboard
product: Latitude C610
vendor: Dell Computer Corporation
physical id: 0

I also tried googling info on my notebook, to get some details on the motherboards vendor or type - no luck there.

Can I use stress linux to test either of these machines? If so, what mainboard should I be selecting?

If I my motherboard isn't on the list, what tests can I run using stress linux?

RE: Dell mainboard - markboucher - 11-21-2009

I do not have any idea. you better search in Google. You will definitely find one.

RE: Dell mainboard - stresslinux - 12-05-2009

just try to run sensors-detect, maybe it finds some sensors on your DELL. sl-wizard is just a frontend for loading predefined sensor drivers and configs.

RE: Dell mainboard - fedrorpet - 12-07-2009

Well Friends I also have the same problem with my dell.
Please anybody suggest me the right way or proper solution for that.
Thank you in advance for your reply.

RE: Dell mainboard - stresslinux - 12-07-2009

i need more information about this system to help you, please boot the lastet stresslinux version while it's connected to a network with internet access and run 'supportconfig -u'
this will gather informations about your system and upload it to our site. it prints out a filename like 'stresslinux_linux_XXXXXX_XXXX.tbz' please post that filename here.