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Full Version: Best distro for web stress testing?
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Hi All,

Wanting advice on what distro I should install on my Dell XPS M1210 laptop (will driver support be an issue?) for the purpose of web stress testing? This laptop is my workstation and the Linux distro will be installed as a second OS (next to XP) as I need to be able to gather performance data of several PHP/MySQL based web apps before they are deployed.

I've also very limited experience on configuring Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL for optimal web performance (but have a good conceptual understanding), so if anyone has ay links for some how-to guides I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
stresslinux is not the right choice for you, you should try other standard distributions linke CentOS, SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu which contain tools like apachebenchmark and other stuff
which may helb you in testing your web performance.