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Full Version: Using a custom kernel?
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The stock stresslinux kernel doesn't work for us since it's missing drivers for our network & RAID cards (need igb & mptsas drivers), so I was thinking of using the kernel we're using from RedHat 4.6 (2.6.9 based). However, it seems I need to build a custom initrd image with the drivers for the PXE boot.

I'm not expecting step-by-step instructions (although I won't complain :), but some basic pointers would be appreciated as that would save me a lot of time trying to figure it out on my own. Specifically, is there an existing initrd image I can base mine on? Other then replacing the /lib/modules/ with the correct modules for the new kernel, what else do I need to do?

Also, is there a way to script stresslinux to automatically do certain tests on boot? My goal is to make this a part of our system imaging process at the contract manufacturer and I'd love to have them be able to select a boot option to run stresslinux and say 4 hours later it completes and post the results of the tests to the imaging management system.