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Full Version: Stresslinux goes bang :o(
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You may try booting your system and then mount the CD image at <IMG-PATH>:

mount -t iso9660 -o loop stresslinux-x.x.x.iso <IMG-PATH>

and then run it from the mounted image:

<IMG-PATH>/usr/bin/stress <parameters>

I've tried this many times on different machines, always work for me. If you don't use linux you may try some live CD.
im havin same problem in a athlon xp 2800+ (non 64bit..)

im using a asus a7n8x-x (nvidia chipset nforce 2)

if some is requeired tell me..
Hi Deegee,
I was having the same problem with the Stresslinux 0.31rc3. But after downloading again that version have solved my problem. I think that you should download the stresslinux again.
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